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 Module One

The First Steps

Researching your competitors, understanding the skills required to be a wedding planner and determining what kind of planner you will be.
Training: Wednesday 30th October 2019

Module Two

Your Client & You

Who is your client and what can you offer them? Identifying your ideal client and designing your services and pricing around them.
Training: Wednesday 27th November 2019

Module Three

Creating Your Brand

Branding your business and yourself, living that brand, marketing your business and the all important SEO.
Training: Wednesday 18th December 2019

Module Four

Setting Up Your Business

Establishing the correct status for your business, managing your accounts and developing the right contract documents.
Training: Wednesday 29th January 2020

Module Five

Initial CLient Work

The process of finding the right venue and suppliers for your clients and managing the all important catering and hospitality.
Training: Wednesday 26th February 2020

Module Six

Productivity & Mindset

Managing your time well, getting yourself, your business and your clients organised and avoiding procrastination.
Training: Wednesday 25th March 2020

Module Seven

Designing a Wedding

Creating a design brief, bringing in suppliers to deliver it and managing the budget. We’ll also talk about the logistics involved with marquee weddings this month.
Training: Wednesday 29th April 2020

Module Eight

Wedding Production

Timelines to take you from engagement to honeymoon, curating an on the day schedule, problem solving and your wedding day emergency kit.
Training: Wednesday 27th May 2020

Module Nine

Launching Your Business

Launching your own wedding planning business, networking with suppliers, managing PR and advertising your business in the right way.
Training: Wednesday 24th June 2020

Module Ten

The Future

Planning for the future and a Q&A on your next steps.
Training: Wednesday 29th July 2020