Do you dream of running a wedding business you love AND making money, 
But so far, your business is running you...and the money isn’t flowing as you hoped? 

or ARE YOU super organised, ambitious and ready to plan weddings
but it’s time you switched from clueless to clued up when it comes to running A business?

We get it.

  • You’re frustrated

  • Your business is frustrated

  • Your finances are frustrated

  • You’re feeling trapped, knowing there’s a way out, but you just can’t find the path to get there.

Wedding Planning Perfection
from fun, fizz drinking and fabulous duo;


We’re Caroline & Tori, The Wedding Planners, and we have the answer! Bold statement, right!? But trust us, we’ve been there.
Tired, ready to give up but stubborn enough not to because you KNOW you can run an awesome wedding planning business, you just need a bit of help to get you there.

Take a look at that picture. Does that look like two people who are feeling the pressure of running their own planning business? Hell no! And we can take you from totally frustrated to feeling fabulous when it comes to running your own awesome wedding planning business with Wedding Planning Perfection.


  • Feel frustrated about XX

  • Worry about how to make your love of planning into a business

  • Feel Confused

  • Want to make a career in wedding planning but don’t know where to start

  • Know you could be a great planner, but don’t know how to run your own business

  • Feel Disheartened