Since we launched TWP we have regularly heard from aspiring event planners who are keen to learn more about the world of wedding and event planning.

We really want to help everyone that contacts us, we're so passionate about the wedding planning industry and have over 10 years experience between us.  So, we've recently set-up a Facebook group to do just that…

It’s just perfect for people like you.

  • Maybe you've just planned your own wedding and want to find out more about a professional career helping others do the same.

  • Perhaps you are currently studying events or hospitality and want to specialise in Weddings.

  • Maybe you just like the idea of working in the wedding industry and want to find out more.

  • Perhaps you currently work for a venue and want to explore the idea of independent wedding planning.

“I don’t think I will ever stop thanking The Wedding Planners for everything they have done for me!

I was lucky enough to work with them two weekends at Woolverstone Hall and can honestly say I enjoyed every minute. Learnt so much (including how to assemble a gazebo, thanks to Caroline haha) and laughed so hard (Tori, you know what I mean)...who knew wedding planning could be so fun!?

Thanks Caroline & Tori once again for the opportunities you have given me and for being so much fun to work with too! So grateful”

Tanisha Brown, TWP Academy Student

This is the group for you.  

Any opportunities we have for shadowing, work experience or freelance work will be posted in the group as well as lots of FREE advice and training.

We look forward to seeing you in The Wedding Planners Academy!

Caroline & Victoria x