Is it too late to hire a Wedding Planner?


You’ve been LOVING the planning, stressful at times, but super satisfying; searching suppliers, finding the dress, reading blogs that inspire you, and you’ve pulled together almost everything to have the most amazing wedding day with your loved ones. BUT, the overwhelm is real because you just realised YOU are the only one who knows all these amazing details inside and out, but you certainly don’t want to be the one responsible on the day. Let’s face it, on your wedding day you should have only one job title, and that is Bride. (Or Groom!)

“But Tori, Caroline, my wedding is this year, I’ve planned it myself so no wedding planner will help at this point, right?” Wrong. We can’t speak for everyone, but for us, it’s never too late! Partial planning or on the day (which isn’t just a turn up on the day and go sort of service, don’t worry! It’s actually final month minimum…why we call it ‘On the Day’ who knows?) is your best friend right now.

We can join you in those final stages, we’ll bring our trademark fun approach as we help tie up loose ends and take the reins in the last weeks so that as your wedding draws closer, you truly can relax and enjoy the day, doing that job you’ll only do for one day if your life - and do it the best you can!

Whether your wedding is this year or next and you’re starting to feel the overwhelm seep in, reach out. To friends, family, or even us. Slide on into our DMs or make use of this here contact page - we can help!

Happy planning!