What happens at a wedding consultation?

So you think you might need some additional help for your wedding and you research some wedding planners and end up arranging a consultation.  But, what the heck is a consultation and what do you need to know?! Are they going to ask you loads of questions you don’t have the answers to? Will you have to have a difficult conversation about money?

So we can’t speak for every planner out there, but we'll certainly give you a run down on how it works for us! Let’s start from the moment we receive that initial email, contact form or phone call.

First things first

If you already have a wedding date set, the first thing we will do is make sure we are available! Once that’s confirmed we’ll arrange a date to meet you.  We usually do that first meeting over Skype or WhatsApp video call. We know you are busy and may not be able to free up several hours to travel somewhere to meet face to face so a video call tends to work well, you can chill on your sofa whilst we chat - it’s much more relaxed!

We’ll start the consultation by introducing ourselves and getting to know you both - no wedding related chat as yet! Then we’ll move on to what’s important to YOU.

Let’s talk details

Then we’ll talk about your wedding, there are three key things we need to know at this early stage:

  1. Roughly how many guests will be attending

  2. Venue ideas

  3. Your budget

Number 3 on that list is really important.  We know that no-one likes to talk about money but you really do need to when it comes to your wedding. Have an honest conversation about how much you really want to spend on your wedding day.  What things are really important to you and where are you willing to compromise? Having the perfect wedding is great, but starting your marriage with a huge debt is not! Be honest with us and realistic about your budget - and we can most certainly help you stick to it!

Image by Gemma Giorgio

Our turn

Once we finished talking weddings, we’ll tell you a little more about us and you can ask us anything you like.  We’ll then talk through our services and what happens next!

The (second) proposal!

Typically within a couple of days we will put together a proposal for you (pun intended!). This will include details of what we discuss in the consultation and a quotation for our services.  We usually try to provide a few options for you (where appropriate) to build the right service for you.

They said yes!

Once we get that all confirmed, you just need to pay the deposit and sign the contract - then we can get started planning your wedding!

Feeling ready to book your consultation? Yay! We can’t wait to hear about your plans, all our details can be found here… give us a call or email us and we can get your consultation booked in!