What does a Wedding Planner Actually do?

It is becoming much more common for couples to enlist additional support for all kinds of things, it might be hiring a cleaner, ordering your food shopping online or getting help with decorating the house. So, why should planning your wedding be any different? But, you haven’t planned a wedding before so how do you know if you actually need the extra help? You’ve cleaned your house before so you know how valuable it is to pay someone else to do it. Maybe this post will help - here’s a summary of the services that wedding planners tend to offer:

Full Wedding Planning

From start to finish, your wedding planner will be there to support you throughout the entire planning process. From finding the perfect venue, sourcing suppliers, creating the design for the wedding, managing the budget and co-ordinating; all the plans in the lead up to and on the day to ensure you both, and your families, remain stress free throughout.

Partial Wedding Planning

You may be enjoying a lot of the wedding planning process but just need some guidance on a few elements. Partial planning is always a bespoke service as we want to ensure you are getting the support that YOU need. For example - there’s no point us taking on the design and styling of the wedding if you have that all under control. We’ll take on the parts that you are finding challenging or stressful, allowing you to really enjoy planning your wedding. We’ll be on hand whenever a questions crops up, and we will be there on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Wedding Co-ordination

Often called ‘on the day’ co-ordination, but don’t be fooled; you get support for SO much more than just a day! We get involved with clients around six weeks prior to their wedding day. We’ll talk through everything they have planned and bring it all together to create a schedule for the day (often including set-up and take down days). We take on contact with suppliers for those final arrangements and are on hand to support the couple in the lead up to their big day. We’ll be there on set-up day to run through everything one last time (something has almost always changed on that penultimate day!). On the actual wedding day we will be there for as long as you need us. Often this means we are the first ones on site and the last to leave. We will spend the day liaising with suppliers, ensuring everything runs smoothly and allowing you and your guests to have the best day ever!

We always offer a free consultation right at the start to find out more about you and for you to get to know us! It really helps us to build a bespoke service just for you!

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Happy Planning!