Top 3 Mistakes People Make when Planning their Wedding and How to Avoid Them

There are three key mistakes that people often make when planning their wedding, so we’re throwing some light on them and letting you know how you can avoid making them!


One - Not setting a budget

SO many forget this key step, saying there ‘isn’t a budget really’…well there is a huge difference between a 30K wedding and a 70K wedding, and we’re betting there is a ‘that’s way too much’ figure in your heads…so set your budget, set it early and keep an eye on it! We know that no-one likes to talk about money but you really do need to when it comes to your wedding. Have an honest conversation about how much you really want to spend on your wedding day.  What things are really important to you and where are you willing to compromise? Having the perfect wedding is great, but starting your marriage with a huge debt is not!

Two - Trying to do too much yourselves

Ask for help!  There are lots of things you can do yourself and lots of couples really enjoy the process of planning a wedding. From meeting suppliers, menu tastings and pulling together decor and styling ideas.  However, there is a lot to do and ‘wedding overwhelm’ is real! Ask for help, friends and family will be only too happy to contribute to the wedding by helping you out. Get your girls together for an evening of invitation prep, or decor planning.  The most important thing is that you enjoy the planning just as much as the day itself.


Three - Trying to please everyone

Just have things that YOU both like.  When you first get engaged you are often bombarded with opinions from family and friends.  They will tell you that you should do this and shouldn’t have that.  They will tell you the colours and styles that they like and don’t like.  Just listen and take it all in (after all, they may come up with some fabulous ideas!), but then spend some time as a couple thinking about what YOU really want.

Bonus tip!

Make sure you get some extra help on the day, preferably from someone not in your wedding party or immediate family. Give someone the job of keeping everything to time and being a point of contact for suppliers should anything come up on the day.  In case you were wondering, we do offer an ‘On the Day Co-ordination’ service 😉 which sees us joining you in the final few weeks of planning and then, of course, being there on the day to co-ordinate. If you’re on a more conservative budget, our Junior Planner service could also be well worth a look! Find our more here.

Happy planning!