Introducing... Our Junior Planner

So with the very exciting announcement that we’re expanding our team to include our first Junior Planner, we thought it best that we introduce her properly!

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We’ve been mentoring Tanisha for the past year as she embarked on her wedding planning career, her dedication, can do attitude and awesome personality meant she slotted straight in to the TWP family! We’re delighted she’s joining the team officially and have asked her a few questions so you can get to know her like we do! Over to you Tanisha…

If you could plan anyone’s wedding in the world dead or alive, who would it be?

People who know me would assume I’d say Beyoncé as I was absolutely obsessed with her growing up. (I was the biggest Destiny’s Child fan when I was younger, don’t judge me, I’m a 90’s baby) I have to admit she was the first person who sprung to mind, but I honestly wouldn’t want that responsibility just yet! Give me a couple who want it understated, low key, fun and relaxed and I’ll be happy.  

Favourite moment at a wedding?

I would have to say first dance as it always gives me that ‘lump in the throat’ moment and satisfaction of doing a job I love. Also, by that point normally all the hardest work is done and you get to relax a bit knowing that all the hard work has paid off!

Worst moment at a wedding?

Oh, that would have to be when I had to set up a wedding with Caroline and Tori the day after a relaxing get away at a spa that had ‘Salt floatation pods’. I was so relaxed to the point where I became zombie like, honestly. Simple tasks they were giving me were going in one ear and out the other and then they gave me the easiest job of wrapping fairy lights round the banister up the stairs and I got into the BIGGEST tangle - I really did think I’d lost all chances of ever working with them again, haha! Luckily I had worked with them before that so they knew what I was usually like, thank goodness!

What song gets the party started?

*Scrolls through throwback playlist* So hard to choose one, but it would probably have to be Hey Ya by OutKast

How did it all start?

You know in school when they make you feel like you should know EXACTLY what you want to do with your life? I was pushed into thinking I wanted to be a Midwife. Funnily enough, I remember going on a website the school suggested where you answer a load of questions and it tells you what career would be best suited to you and guess what mine came up with...a bus driver!!! I was fuming! After leaving school and doing A Levels with Midwifery in mind, I decided it really wasn’t what I wanted to do at all. Wedding Planning had always been my ‘dream job’ but it never seemed like a realistic option as you’re pushed more towards mainstream careers. After taking a couple of years out of education after college (which was meant to be a gap year) I was at a point in my life where I was working in a job that I didn’t see a future in and was becoming frustrated with having to decide what to do next. Going back into education after working full time seemed so daunting and with financial commitments, it made it even harder to be able to leave my job to study. I came across The UK Academy of Wedding & Event Planning courses which were perfect for me as it was all online which meant I could study in my free time and still stay at my job. I completed the course in Wedding Planning in just over a year and whilst I was studying I worked for Milsoms and also did various work experience with different freelance Wedding Planners at other venues. I soon realised that I didn’t want to work at a venue and that my dream was to do freelance wedding planning as I loved the versatility of it. Caroline & Tori have always been an inspiration to me and I can honestly say they’ve been so much fun to work with and I’ve honestly never enjoyed ‘work’ as much as I have with them. I’m so excited and honoured to now be a part of Team TWP! Woohoo!

Who do you admire?

Caroline and Tori OBVIOUSLY! Also, the Dreamwave guys as they have worked at most of the weddings I’ve worked at and they’re always so lovely and so hard working. I love down to earth people, that can have a laugh whilst getting the job done properly to a high standard which I can say Caroline & Tori and the Dreamwave guys have smashed! I’ve always felt so comfortable around them all so thank you to all of you! I’m learning from the best!

How do I unwind?

Bath, music, candles, glass of wine (or cup of tea depending on the situation!).

Well I hope that’s given you all an insight to our newest member of the TWP team!

Happy Planning