Introducing Scratch DJ Sets with Dreamwave Events

When we get a call from Dreamwave Events asking for our help with something, we will always be there! In December they invited us to spend an afternoon with them getting a sneak preview of a new service they have since launched - Scratch DJ Sets. We were not disappointed, an afternoon at their unit felt like a top night out! We sat down with Dreamwave Directors Dave & Paul to find out more…

This is an experience like no other, tell us all about it

We have joined up with DJ Destruction who is a world renowned Hip-Hop and scratch ‘turntablist’ DJ to create what can be best described as a surprise scratch DJ set, where Destruction arrives and provides a high impact and visual set, mixing up hip-hop, funk and soul classics in such a way that will leave guests amazed with his skills and talents as a DJ.

We have noticed a rise in clients wishing to go one step further with their evening entertainment, above and beyond a DJ or live band. This has been popular with the addition of Sax and percussion players jamming alongside DJs while in the mix, along with surprise MCs, beatboxers, and celebrity DJs doing the wedding circuit.


So how did this collaboration come about?

DJ Destruction (or Ross as we know him) was put in contact with us when we made acquisition of a local company similar to us, and Ross was just providing his ‘party DJ’ services as and when he could. With a little help from Google and getting to know Ross better we soon realised that he not only could join our team of Dreamwave DJs (as Ross), he was not just who he said he was! :) His ‘day job’ was Destruction and he travels the world providing his scratch DJ sets for private clients and corporates such as Harley Davidson (where he is their official DJ for shows and events). Not only that, he produces music and has work alongside hip hop royalty such as LL Cool J and Redman to name a couple, and most recently his mixing has been featured in the film release of White Boy Rick.

What does the new service involve?

We have come up with a service / package that clients can book that includes one of our skilled Dreamwave DJs to perform for the night (playing what the clients wants and the general classics), alongside Destruction making surprise (to most guests I guess!) high impact and dynamic 1-hour scratch DJ set. He rocks up with his decks and vinyl basically in the eyes of the clients (of course full preparations and equipment is already in place before he arrives!)

Scratch DJ sets from this world renowned turntablist. Hip-Hop, Funk & Soul alongside a skilled Dreamwave DJ

Thanks so much guys, it was a real treat to be in the room when the above video was created and get a sneak peek at this truly awesome new service.

Full pricing and details for this collaboration service can be found here in Dreamwave’s recently updated brochure. (Please note pricing is based on 60 miles from their location. Travel and additional charges will apply.)

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