5 Reasons why you should NOT make your own wedding cake

It may seem a bold statement, we quite agree, it is! Now we have one exception; Are you a professional cake maker? If not, then please hire one to make your wedding cake! We’ve seen a lot of brides (and their bridesmaids, mum, aunt, grandma…) get incredibly stressed in the lead up to their wedding because they have taken on the mammoth task of making their own wedding cake. Here’s a few reasons why you should hire a professional cake maker:

  1. They do this all the time, they know how long it takes to bake, decorate and create a wedding cake

  2. They know how to build a cake to ensure it is safe and remains standing all day

  3. They are used to baking in large quantities

  4. They have probably spent a lot of money on enhancing their own skills to become the expert they are now

  5. They know how to adapt the process to fit in with transporting the cake and also the weather - just image a buttercream covered caking sitting in a clear marquee on a hot day!

We know that past clients Holly & David won’t mind us sharing this. And here’s your warning for a wedding disaster ahead! It was quite a topic for conversation on their wedding day and they were all laughing about it! Holly’s mum made her wedding cake, it was an incredibly hot weekend and when they arrived at the venue the morning of the wedding they were all laughing, we mean really laughing! When we saw the cake we understood - take a look at the before and after below…

A classic wedding disaster, I think you’ll agree! Thankfully, they were very upbeat about it all and accepted that this is what their wedding cake would look like (!). Well we decided that wasn’t good enough. We used the spare flowers from the table arrangements and did the best we could with the ‘raw materials’ we had! Now, this is not perfect but we think you’ll agree it was a big improvement from where we started! And most importantly, Holly & David were delighted with it.

So folks, you have been warned…

Happy Planning!