How much booze do we need for our wedding?


How much booze do we actually need for our wedding?

This is a question we are regularly asked, whether you are providing all of the drinks for your guests or operating a cash bar - how do you know how much you need?  So, we’ve put together a handy guide for you:

Drinks Reception - Allow 2-3 glasses per person

Wedding Breakfast - Allow ½ bottle of wine per person as well as a glass of Fizz for the all important toasts

Evening Reception - Allow around 5 drinks per person (spirit and mixer)


Let’s break it down

A bottle of wine will serve 5 glasses

A bottle of fizz will serve 6 glasses

So for a wedding of 100 guests, you would need the following:

Drinks reception - 250 glasses = 42 bottles of fizz

Wedding breakfast - 50 bottles of wine + 17 bottles of fizz

Evening reception - 100 bottles of wine (assuming guests only drink wine!)

In total - 150 bottles of wine and 59 bottles of fizz

Trust your instinct

The above is all based on averages, but you know your guests best!  Are they big drinkers? Are they likely to drink more wine/beer? Are they more likely to move on to spirits in the evening?  Just make sure you also have plenty of water and soft drinks to cater for any non-drinkers.

Happy Planning!