How to find your Wedding Cake

Shopping for a cake is one of the most fun and tasty experiences in the run up to your wedding.  But it's all too easy to get caught up in the delicious activity, so we've got a few questions to ask potential cake makers before and during your visit!

Can you make a bespoke design or do we have to choose from a list?
A good cake maker should, within reason, be able to create anything you can imagine.  Ask to see their portfolio and browse wedding cake magazines and pinterest to find your perfect cake.

Images by Ross Dean Photography | Cakes by Elizabeth's Cake Emporium 

Can we sample the cake?
If the answer to this is no, run!  You should be able to sample what you are buying.  Most cake makers provide a wide range of flavours, if they are not willing to let you taste them you should be concerned.

Will you deliver and set-up the cake?
If the answer is no, consider alternative arrangements and whether this is going to be the maker for you; organising this yourself is a lot of pressure to put on a family member or friend and don't underestimate the expertise required to assemble a wedding cake!  

Images by Nick Ilott Photography | Cake Table by Lady Bakewell-Park

Do you cater for dietary requirements?
Let's be honest, it's the age of gluten free and veganism, you are bound to have a large portion of guests that will need their dietary requirements catered for. Does the cake maker provide individual (insert allergen here!)-free cakes as well or an alternative?

With all suppliers, communication is key.  If you don't tell them what you want, they cannot provide it.  Be honest with them about the budget you are working to and do your research to find the right suppliers for you.

Images by Ross Dean Photography | Cake by Amelie's Kitchen

Happy cake shopping!