Top 3 trends we can't wait to see the back of...

…and 3 we cannot wait for!

Having worked in the industry for over 10 years we’ve seen a lot of trends come and go, and we’ll be honest, there are a few right now that we cannot wait to see the back of.

Chair covers


Urgh, there is nothing more ugly than a poorly fitted chair cover and inconsistent bows! Chair covers are so hard to get right and frankly we think they are outdated and so out of style. There are so many options when it comes to seating - if you don’t like what your venue has, hire in something else! The cost will be about the same as covering the existing chairs and SO much more elegant.

Photo Booths

Don’t get us wrong, if there’s a photo booth at one of our weddings we will always find 5 mins for a quick pic! But we think this trend is going to die out really soon. The traditional passport style photo booth will be replaced with a more DIY version. Brides and Grooms are opting for a relaxed approach to a photo booth with a few homemade props and a simple backdrop. We prefer a wedding hashtag to a photo booth. Everyone will be taking photos anyway so why not find a new way to group them all together.


Almost all of clients tell us they want their day to feel relaxed and run smoothly. Well one thing that you HAVE to avoid at all costs is the dreaded ‘line up’. An old fashioned tradition where the bride and groom (often with their parents and sometimes the bridal party too) line up to greet all of the guests as everyone takes their seats for the wedding breakfast - it’s such a time suck! Imagine the bride and groom both talk to each guest for 30 seconds (which isn’t long and certainly not any time to have a proper catch up with your lovely friends and family), that’s already 1 minute per guest. If you have 80 guests - you’ve just wasted almost an hour and a half!! So sack off the line up and take the time to talk to guests during the drinks reception (when they are already in groups). It will be much quicker and feels much more personal.

On the flipside there’s a few things that we’re really excited about:

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest


It’s undoubtedly the year of the neon light, but not necessarily as you know it! Think romantic scrawls of sweet nothings behind your ceremony, top table or cake. It’s bold, it’s beautiful, it’s industrial…it’s something I (Tori) have been planning for my wedding for about two years now! If you’re looking at a more ‘alternative’ style, maybe a barn venue, this is definitely going to be the trend for you! If this is one you’re looking forward to as well, you might want to stop by at The Milsom Wedding Show we’re working on, on Sun 17th March…we’re fully embracing the neon!

Wedding Scents

The idea of getting a new perfume or aftershave for your wedding day is not really a new one, it’s something we’ve suggested to our couples for a long time. But a scent for your whole wedding is something we’re predicting will be on the rise this year. The idea behind both is that there is a strong emotional memory connected to the scent when you use it for the first time at a special occasion such as your wedding day. Our senses can trigger memories – I’m, sure you’ve all had that moment when you smell something and are then hit with nostalgia for a place or time in your life. Using reed diffusers, scented candles and room sprays can help create a wedding scent, so that both you and your guests are met with a wonderful fragrance when entering your wedding, which you can then revisit once the celebrations have concluded. We love the idea of looking through your wedding album on an anniversary, burning the same candle and being flooded with memories of your day.

Dark Colours


We think a darker colour palette will be popular for 2019 weddings, and not just in the Autumn and Winter months! We’re seeing it in home interior trends, and in fashion as well. The colours of ‘now’ seem to be calling on those dark hues and we would love to see it in the wedding world too, evoking those dark romantic vibes! We’re thinking greens and blues will lead the way, expressed in florals, foliage, bridesmaid dresses and suits.

So there you go, that’s our round up of things we like and don’t like - let us know if you agree in the comments.

Happy Planning!