Top Wedding Trends for 2019

So we’ve nearly made it to the end of 2018 and we think it has been a fabulous year! From NYC, to London, we’ve worked with some wonderful couples and clients from across the globe creating gorgeous weddings. But as well as reflecting on a brilliant year, we’re looking ahead to 2019 and what it will bring. So without further ado, we give you our predictions for the top wedding trends in 2019…

Dark Colours

We think a darker colour palette will be popular for 2019 weddings, and not just in the Autumn and Winter months! We’re seeing it in home interior trends, and in fashion as well. The colours of ‘now’ seem to be call on those dark hues and we would love to see it in the wedding world too, evoking those dark romantic vibes! We’re thinking greens and blues will lead the way, expresses in florals, foliage, bridesmaid dresses and suits.

Wedding Scents

The idea of getting a new perfume or aftershave for your wedding day is not really a new one, it’s something we’ve suggested to our couples for a long time. But a scent for your whole wedding is something we’re predicting will be on the rise this year. The idea behind both is that there is a strong emotional memory connected to the scent when you use it for the first time at a special occasion such as your wedding day. Our senses can trigger memories – I’m, sure you’ve all had that moment when you smell something and are then hit with nostalgia for a place or time in your life. Using reed diffusers, scented candles and room sprays can help create a wedding scent, so that both you and your guests are met with a wonderful fragrance when entering your wedding, which you can then revisit once the celebrations have concluded. We love the idea of looking through your wedding album on an anniversary, burning the same candle and being flooded with memories of your day.

Bridesmen and Groomsgirls

The days of doing things at weddings just for the sake of tradition are numbered. Receiving lines, throwing the bouquet, brides leading the procession, heck! not living together before your’'e married…these are just a few that are rarely done now. So all female bridesmaids and all male groom’s parties are no exception. Bridesmen and Groomsgirls are on their way, and we bloomin’ love it! There’s the no-brainer argument that, if they’re your best friend then yes of course they should be in your wedding party, whatever their gender! But on a whole other level, we just love the style options available…power suits, floral suits, it just looks great!

Perspex and Acrylic

This has been coming in over the last year but 2019 will be it’s time. Table plans, name places, even menus. Expect signage on acrylic or Perspex for a fashion forward couple looking for a modern wedding. Clear, we predict will be most popular, but expect to also see frosted, some with a colourful accent – clear perpex with a brushstroke of colour or shade behind and white text on top is already something we’ve worked with this year…


It’s undoubtedly the year of the neon light, but not necessarily as you know it! Think romantic scrawls of sweet nothings behind your ceremony, top table or cake. It’s bold, it’s beautiful, it’s industrial…it’s something I’ve been planning for my wedding for about two years now! If you’re looking at a more ‘alternative’ style, maybe a barn venue, this is definitely going to be the trend for you!

Hanging Florals

Going hand in hand with the romance of wedding lighting, hanging florals are becoming more and more popular. Whether that’s in the ceremony or reception, their ability to add a dramatic impact to your day is so worth the work! Using structures, such as arches or moon gates, you can achieve some beautiful floral installations that will wow your guests. We recommend bringing in the pros for this one though! Working with hanging florals can be a real headache when it comes to keeping those beautiful blooms hydrated! No one wants a drooping arrangement to look at, so it’s well worth speaking with your florist or stylist for this stunning trend.

So there we have it…With all of that in store, we hope you’ll agree that it is going to be a beautiful 2019! If you’re newly engaged, congratulations and we hope the above has given you some inspiration. If you haven’t yet seen, check out our First 5 Things you MUST do when you get Engaged for even more helpful tips!

That’s us for now! Have a wonderful Christmas, we can’t wait to catch up with you again in the new year.